Gas small water heater


Main stop type

  1. If you use it immediately after stopping the hot water, do not touch the hot water at the beginning.

    → Hot water may come out and there is a risk of burns.

    If it is not ignited, press the operation button to extinguish the fire, wait for a while (about 10 to 20 seconds), and then ignite again. (If you use the product for a long time such as the first time in the morning, it may not ignite in one operation or the fire may be extinguished immediately.)
    → If you ignite again in a short time, it may cause an explosion ignition. Will be.

First stop type

  1. How to use the first stop type instant water heater

    Do not operate while running water from the water heater.
    → When operating in the "open" position, the flame of the main burner overflows and it is dangerous.

    Keep your eyes away from the ignition confirmation window.
    → There is a risk of burns due to heat.

Safety checkpoint