International Sales

Paloma provides a wide variety of gas appliances such as water heater, cooking stove, rice cooker to satisfy diversified and individual needs.
International Sales Dept. is searching for distributors all over the world to introduce our high quality and easy-to-use appliances produced based on our "Safety First"policy.

Product Introduction

Water Heater

  • Endless Hot Water Supp
  • Full Range of Capacity
  • Advanced Safety Features
  • Single / Multi Outlet Point
  • Indoor / Outdoor Installation
  • Compact Design

Cooking Stove

  • Wide Range of Products
  • Flame Failure Safety
  • Thermal Sensor to Prevent Fire Accident by Overheated Oil
  • Smokeless Grill
  • Easy Ignition System: Continuous Spark / Piezo-Electric
  • Flame Adjuster
  • Various Top Plate Finish (Stainless / Enamel / Fluorine)

Rice Cooker

  • Various Capacity
  • Flame Failure Safety
  • Keep-Warm Function
  • Fluorine Coated Inner Pot for Easy Cleaning
  • Commercial and Household Use

Space Heater

  • Radiant
  • Convector
  • Various Capacity

Other Products

Broiler, Barbecue Stove, Fryer, Noodle/Pasta Boiler, Water Heater for Floor Heating and Hot Water Supply, Commercial Use Water Heater.


For more information on Paloma products, or inquiries on distributionship,please click below email address to contact us.

Paloma Co., Ltd. International Department.

Address 6-23, Momozono-cho, Mizuho-ku,Nagoya 467-8585 Japan
Tel +81-52-824-5031
Fax +81-52-824-4366

Paloma Industries, Inc  *USA, CANADA, MEXICO ONLY

Address 2151 Eastman Avenue, Oxnard, CA 93030 U.S.A.
Tel +1-805-278-5499
Fax +1-805-278-5494

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