The Paloma Group

An integrated production system, from planning to production and sales.

The Paloma Group features an original integrated system to accomplish all tasks from product planning to production and sales totally within the company.
Affiliated companies and personnel collaborate closely to achieve a formidable consolidated force.
Our "customer first" policy in place since our founding enables us to communicate directly with our customers in the marketplace and to incorporate their feedback and suggestions in our planning and production.

Paloma Group

Domestic Group

  • Paloma Co.,Ltd.
  • Paloma Industries, Ena Plant, Ltd.
  • Paloma Industries, Nogata Plant, Ltd.
  • Paloma Industries, Hokkaido Plant, Ltd.
  • Oe Encouragement, Ltd.
  • Kobayashi Factory, Ltd.

Overseas Group

  • Rheem Manufacturing Company
  • Rheem Australia
  • Rheem New Zealand
  • Rheem Manufacturing
    Company(Singapore) Pte Ltd.
  • Raypak
  • Raypak Canada
  • Raypak Australia
  • Paloma Industries, Inc.
  • Rheem Japan

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